My goal is to provide ongoing guidance to my audiences and inspiration in a way I could have benefited from when I was facing my darkest days alongside my critically ill child.

– Aric H. Morrison

Many times people lose focus on their ability to consistently challenge themselves personally and professionally. In this tailor-made message, Aric shares his son’s story and his own struggle with adversity. Through his story, his audience will realize the power they possess to accomplish their dreams, gain the most out of life, and remain focused.

There are moments in our lives where it feels as though life has dealt us some rough and unfair patches. If anyone knows the impact of having low self-esteem while facing adversity, Aric H. Morrison has literally written the books on this!

This presentation is an uplifting reminder to never give up, to stay the course for happiness continually and emotional grounding, and to find the blessing in all that we have been given.

Sometimes it takes a speaker to remind us; this one certainly delivers!

In this presentation, Aric discusses the impact that facing difficult life struggles can have on each of us. Whether in a business environment or personal, each of us has struggled at some point in our journey.

This conversation interweaves aspects of his life, his key learnings, and adversities faced within the business community too. The messaging on this one is to help the audience better prepare emotionally to face the difficult, the unexpected, the ongoing, and the powerfully emotional milestones in our lives.

This is a discussion that is relatable and powerfully helpful.

Due to adversity having many moving parts, there is a wide range of topics to be brought to the forefront.

In this message, Aric also chooses the topics that are a right fit for his audience to systematically enable them to overcome their adversities.

The Gift of Life

This conversation is one of Aric’s signature experiences.

In this message, Aric shares his views on life in a genuine and sensitive manner. He takes his audience from expectations to experiences and from facing obstacles to overcoming hardships. This message then concludes with Aric’s unique ability to permanently remind his audience to never lose sight of their unique gifts

Many people have commented through the years, “your story should be told in a movie.” On stage, his audience experiences firsthand the incredible journey that has shaped him to become the inspirational figure he has now become.

The audience is taken on an emotional rollercoaster ride which delivers a constant series of emotions to those in attendance. The messaging is relatable and presented in a very inspirational and sensitive manner.

Aric has been known to own the stage on this one!

To be completely honest, these are some of the most fun experiences!

You tell us what direction you want the messaging to take, and Aric will create a one-of-a-kind presentation to hit all the high notes you seek.

Are you going through a restructuring, reorganization, downsizing, or any other type of disruption within the workplace and desire an opportunity to rally them back and restore focus, energy, and creativity?  We can help!

Have a kick-off celebration and wish to get the folks pumped up?

We can do this too!

Want a speaker for an end-of-the-year/project acknowledgment event?

Aric will deliver that on that as well.

You name it; we make it happen!!!!

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In this message, Aric shares his views on life in a genuine and sensitive manner, according to the Adveristy Rockstar method. He takes his audience from expectations to experiences, and from facing obstacles to overcoming hardships. This message then concludes with Aric’s unique ability to permanently help his audience to never lose sight of their unique gifts.

Stealing Home is Aric’s most recent series of books.  The grouping shares the entire tender and emotional journey from early on to adulthood.

In this message, your audience will hear heart-wrenching stories about Aric’s struggle from a young child to his youth to eventually becoming the parent of a critically ill, special needs, disabled boy.

The conversation is a mixture of anecdotes, lessons, and actionable directives. This is a very powerfully delivered performance which at times can be very raw and illicit sudden emotions for Aric and his audiences alike.

This message is truly one of inspiration, motivation, and empowerment.

It is one which Mr. Morrison takes great pride in offering up to his listeners.

Throughout Aric’s entire journey, the word HOPE has held special meaning to him. This word, his perspective on it, and how it literally kept him remaining confident during the darkest of hours is the basis for this on-stage presentation.

Each of us has faced some of the darkest times we will ever encounter. The real point of this presentation is to examine the power of remaining positive during those emotional changes when work, life, relationships, and everything will continue to be thrown in our direction.

This is a very positive experience designed to present some inspiration, motivation, and thought-provoking observations.

You and your audience will appreciate his tender and impactful message on this one.

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