Adversity Rockstar Compliance Training

An investment in training is absolutely paramount to a healthy work environment. We offer training for your employees to be fully armed with the knowledge they may need to keep each other safe, comfortable and productive each and every day at work. All too often, training needs are addressed when there is an obvious break in employee conduct.

Why wait until it is too late to respond AFTER the fact ? At Adversity Rockstar, we believe as you do that your people are your greatest asset. Adversity takes many forms and can impact an organization in countless ways until is has been addressed and a remedy has been sought. Through our compliance training offerings, we arm employees and leaders with the knowledge they need to diffuse and prevent problems from arising in the workplace. We aim to keep people well-informed and safer.

Currently we offer five brand new updated workshops for your  compliance training needs in the following areas. Some may be combined for half day workshop options as well. 

Workplace Violence Prevention for Employees

Workplace Violence Prevention for Leaders

Unconscious Bias Education 

Bullying in the Workplace

Sexual Harassment Understanding and Prevention

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