Aric freelances as writer for business magazines. He is also in the process of publishing his life novel regarding his inspirational journey through critical adversity with his family; titled, Stealing Home.

His self-help book has been recently published by Transform Publishing. This is a book about “change navigation” as it relates to facing adversity. It is a step-by-step guide to equip and prepare you to better navigate difficult situations like a Rockstar.

Furthermore, he is the creator of Kaden’s Korner; a personal web page launched ten years ago to share his family’s story. Contained therein are some very heartfelt blog posts, which also became the inspiration for his upcoming Stealing Home novel. More and more readers appreciate his writing style and messaging on the page; and requested often to read and hear more about his family. The web page went viral, and to date has reached almost a quarter of a million views; and growing.

Gary Dell-Abate (Howard Stern Show) followed our story and signed the guest book page!

Aric is currently in the process of authoring a self-help business book for Meredith and Main Development Group, titled Be Fast and Don’t Suck. He also has almost completed authoring his fourth book regarding his observations about Life and living one of quality and purpose.  Lately, in several interviews he has teased about a surprise book in the works.

Because Aric has a such a strong background in the executive business community, his experiences and knowledge on a broad range of topics can make for a great written article, presentation or whatever it is you need in terms of content.

Most recently he wrote the verbal script for the Mental Illness Challenge concept upon request for an individual seeking to give back and post on social media in the hope of going viral.          


Are you struggling to create and write content for your many platforms? Do you find yourself failing at writing consistently? Are your frustrated because you don’t have the followers you desire? When it comes to business, it is hard to be an expert in all the areas you should be. Not too many businesspersons are writers. Aric understands! This is why he is offering you his help. Hire Aric as your Freelance Writer today! Whether it is a blog article, a book, or step-by-step how to guide, he can write it!

“It’s less about sharing what you have accomplished in life and so much more about
how you can give back in the one that you are blessed to have.”

Aric H. Morrison


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