Recognized locally and nationally by some of the following organizations for awareness and fundraising :

  • Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Boston
  • The Jimmy Fund
  • March of Dimes
  • St Jude Children’s Research Hospital Memphis
  • Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism
  • CF & MS Fund Foundation
  • Best Buddies
  • Creative Recovery

Aric’s Recently Published Book

Aric is a successful business professional having held executive-level positions for several Fortune 500 companies ranging from; Manager, Director, Vice President and Chief Retail Officer. His foundation for business concepts, financial interpretation, leadership, team building, marketing, and presentation skills are enviable. He also possesses three degrees in business, including his MBA.

Aric is currently a Founding Co-Owner of Meredith and Main Development Group, where he uses his leadership and training skills to keep himself intellectually sharp in the business world. He proudly works with two other close friends and fellow founders of the business. Together they travel the country making a difference to small and large businesses alike.

Aric is the also the Founding CEO of Deep Water Mentor Coaching, LLC, a specialized business where he uses his life experiences, coupled with coaching and mentoring, to help families navigate the changes associated with critical illness or the loss of a loved one. Here, he works directly with  families who have a patient in medical facilities, and also with people who are struggling to come to grips with a recent diagnosis, or need some support during the “fighting” process.

Aric is also the Founding CEO of Adversity Rockstar, LLC, which is his branded platform to tie all of his services together when referencing all things having to do with adversity, both personally and professionally.

He is a nationally certified Life Coach and Adversity Mentor, from Coach Training Alliance. He has been granted a master-level certificate from Expert Rating on both Public Speaking and Life Coaching. Aric was personally trained and certified by Dave Krueger MD., Executive Mentor Coach and founder of MentorPath. He has also written several publications and is widely regarded as an expert in his field. Please see his personal letter of reference given to Aric by Dr Krueger. He is also an active member of the Speak Pro Academy.

Aric coaches employees for businesses, civic organizations, families, group coaching, and charities. His broad expertise ranges from helping people find internal solutions when dealing with the changes associated with transition, student transition, relationships, financial, critical illness, loss, relocation, family guidance, work issues, and a broad range of other topics as they relate to adversity.

Aric is the proud father of two boys; one of whom is disabled, has special needs, and is critically ill. Over the years, his perspective to share his life story and give back through a constant series of interviews, stage speaking, authoring books, blogging, and generally sharing time helping others cope with life, has been his true  mission for the last dozen years.

Aric enjoys writing, he is the author of three books, is an avid blogger with a very strong following, and contributes quarterly business articles to an international publication. All of his speeches, appearances, workshop materials, blogs, and other content are each personally written by him, every time.

10 Fun Facts About Aric

1. I once worked out with the New England Patriots.

In the process I played catch with Tom Brady, was tackled to the ground by Julian Edelman, had Wes Welker blow by me while on a defensive drill to score a touchdown and had Rob Gronkowski show me how to effectively run the three-cone drill.

2. As a musician, I have been playing the drums since I was 4 years old.

Currently I still play in my free time as a way to relax and continue to hone my skills. I once shared the stage with Joe Bouchard (Blue Oyster Cult) and Andy Hilfiger. (The X Brothers).
I find music to be a source of motivation and inspiration for me. Typically when I write, there is always a playlist to be heard while typing. My tastes are pretty diverse ranging from all genres depending on my mood.

3. Being from New England, I cannot help but be a huge sports fan.

So far… I have been fortunate to watch live in attendance…The Patriots win the Superbowl, The Celtics win The NBA Championship and Red Sox win the World Series. Hopefully one day I might be fortunate to see the Bruins live, when then win it all too!

4. The journey facing adversity with my child has been shared nationally on television.

It has also been viewed almost 250,000 times on our personal web page, and shared live in person with members of KISS, The Cure, Blue Oyster Cult, The X Brothers and Geof Tate (Queensryche) to name a few. I share our story to offer hope, inspiration and in many cases an opportunity for people to realize their true fighting spirit within.

5. I grew up very quickly as my father passed away when I was yet a young man.

I spent those next several years helping my mother raise my younger brother and sister. I was forced to mature and assume a new role during that time. The concept of life became something very different and quite unfamiliar to me. Seeing my two siblings grow up in a world without their dad, was very hard for me to accept. As a parent, it really places my role in life into perspective.

6. I once actually paid money to swim with sharks in Aruba.

Looking back now, not sure what I was thinking at the time. Thankfully I am still here to tell my story! Though it was pretty unnerving to see the sharks swimming below me, the experience was actually really cool. I doubt however I would dare do it again! It had been one of  those things which sounded pretty neat at the time, but as I reflect back…probably not the wisest decision. Live and learn. 

7. For almost 30 years my career had been in business at executive level positions.

To keep myself fresh on the business  side of things, I co-founded a company with two other partners, called Meredith and Main Development Group. It is a leadership and compliance training company which works with businesses to create stronger and more effective leaders, make culture enhancements,  and  to refresh an organizations’ current compliance training needs in a way that “doesn’t suck.”

8. My first international speaking gig was in London.

Hopefully in 2020, I plan to tour all 50 states and speak in each one to raise awareness for organ donation, pediatric cancer and to celebrate life with all of the courageous survivors across the country. I also hope to appear on as many stages as possible sharing my story and inspiring people across the country, to accomplish greatness in their lives.

9. I am inspired each and every day by my 19-year-old son and his critically ill disabled younger brother.

I simply could not ask for greater perspective than what I have gained from my two amazing boys and all we have gone through together as a family. I  consider myself to be one of the luckiest men alive because my world has be so enriched by sharing their experiences. My perspective is so incredibly genuine because of them, I have truly been given a gift. My boys are the absolute world to me. The reason I wake up each day. What a journey we have been on together…

10. I was once on a cruise ship and met the world famous artist Marc Lacourciere from Motor Marc Art.

We chatted for a bit as I shared my story for being on the ship as a means to get away for a bit from all of my recent struggles with our critically ill little boy. It was a pretty emotional conversation for me, as my state of mind was rather fragile. I had shown an interest in a work of art that had personally moved me because of my son, it personally resonated with me in a special way. This remarkable person purchased it and sent to my house. It hangs on any wall today as a reminder  of all of the good in people. I hold this incredible man in the highest regard and hope to one day personally go and thank him for his kind gesture.
It taught me a simple act from a complete stranger can make all the emotional difference in the life of person who is struggling. What an incredible lesson.