What is Coaching & Mentoring?

Coaching & Mentoring are similar in that they both strive to aid clients in finding solutions to their issues, concerns, troubles, problems or uncertainties in life. They differ dramatically, in that each of their approaches are unique on how to best aid the client. Both posses a unique discipline to finding the correct desired outcome.

How can I benefit from Coaching with Aric?

Effective coaching can help open the lines for self-discovery via communication, questions and dialogue. It ultimately helps a client to determine their desired outcome, and how to get there over time.

How can I benefit from Mentoring with Aric?

A mentor can help give greater direction and employ experiences to help provide strong support for various scenarios that need to be overcome.

Which is better for me, mentoring or coaching?

We will not know until we have an initial discovery session so that together we can determine the best approach for you.

Do I need a therapist?

A therapist specializes in a “top down” approach to help you solve your specific issues. Coaching places us on equal footing to mutually work together at solving your issues. Mentoring is more guided approach whereby I can assist you based upon my experiences.  If your situation is such that a therapist is a better fit for you, I will suggest it and not take you on as a client.

Will either Coaching or Mentoring even work for me?

The short answer here is…yes. Depending on what the nature of your needs are, either one can provide significant help to you in achieving your goals.  The first session is free, you have no obligation.

Is there a long term commitment?

No, everyone has different supportive needs. Some people simply want to receive coaching or mentoring for specified time frame, others want to have an on-going program for support.  It is entirely up to the client.

Are the sessions kept confidential?

Your privacy is always protected and will never be shared. Your life challenges belong to you, and no one else.

How would I know if this is right for me?

We will have a free 15 minute initial session and consult to determine if I can help you, and to make sure that are a suitable “fit” for one another.

How does payment work?

All sessions are prepaid in advance before the first session begins. Retainers can be used for long term commitments as well.