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It is a fine Saturday morning here on the east coast of the United States. Today I find myself rather exhausted from Winter and the slower-than-normal start to nicer weather. Spring appears to finally be sharing some well-awaited visual beauty. It too would seem the rest of the area is gradually easing toward a more familiar way of life. As public and private gatherings are starting to welcome larger crowds.

For me, it also signifies the chance to get back out there and be a part of many events around the country; whether speaking on stage or at author appearances. Both formats offer a special opportunity to stand true to my mission of helping people  through expressing my story in person. (Obviously, last year was somewhat of a mess, as we canceled all dates but one.) Excitedly, I await my first of 2021 to take place next weekend. With it, consideration for this blog became my recent focus starting out as scratched thoughts on my traveling notepad.

Within two weeks, I have received very thoughtfully written messages from book readers and blog subscribers. One from a woman who shared “how she kept the book bedside for reference on her darker days,” and another from a woman who used my life lessons to “find the courage to confide her story to a graduate student writing a thesis.” It warms my soul to hear from complete strangers in such a special way. Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone.

Lately one of the notable gifts I have been blessed with; to have the knowledge previous sets of tightly closed eyes were starting to open in terms of sharing. As I meet people, obviously it is not uncommon for them to already know much of my ordeal.  This space was chosen willingly with zero regrets to offer mine up to the masses. I do it for me and for you.  But more and more I find… the poignant stories offered by others who speak to me in person or via written messages, are the ongoing sources of motivation for me. The stuff I hear and read is incredible, yet those who possess their own experiences don’t realize their potential reach and value.

Unfortunately, the impact they may have upon others oftentimes needs a little bit of coaxing. It is as though we don’t feel our life journey is worthy of praise nor contains the hidden value to buoy. Many are of the mindset no one would want to hear their tribulations anyway. This could be further from the truth.

The most difficult trials serve a double purpose when we decide to bring them back into the forefront of our memory bank. It isn’t always easy to do so at first. But they can act as a catharsis to the person who owns the adversity. It is always best to face your demons rather than run from them. Amazingly too, you will see your new wisdom, inner strength, resiliency, and then hopefully in the process appreciate how far you have come. Remember, Adversity is never brought upon us, without delivering a lesson in return.

By allowing others to know a bit more about what we have endured in terms of a troubling ordeal – we are potentially offering them renewed hope and purpose while they too struggle. When we overcome, we inspire others to do the same simply by our benchmark.

Out there, someone is going through something very challenging. They may be looking at you reflecting “how wonderful it must feel to be so far along in your current state. Frequently, we tend to think our position in life isn’t worthy of envy because there is so much more to conquer.  But it is. Trust me, it is. Many folks would absolutely love to be in your shoes, as they consider how far you  have already come. And how far they  still must travel.

Give thanks for your place in this world and take credit for enduring your struggles and persevering through them. Regardless of the fight, you have already succeeded in many ways.

Share your story. Be the inspiration to the person you haven’t met. Then, allow the weak to seek comfort via your actions. To feel new strength acquired by learning soundness from your past victories. Cast your shadow proudly beside those who wish to receive it while facing their own form of hopelessness and despair.

Carry the downtrodden on your back and guide them to a brighter tomorrow if necessary. Because you have been in their shoes once or twice yourself, you are more than capable.

This  my friends is the true definition of a modern-day hero in 2021.



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