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As our stomach’s adjust, plump with a mixture of turkey, potato, and pie, here in the States: the rest of the world will officially join us by ringing in the spirit of the yule today. Many shall don a mask and venture out into a brave new world as we now know it while seeking some form of normalcy on Black Friday. Upon scoring said limited time only  advertised bargains, folks will then stand at least 6 feet apart as they wait impatiently to pay for their treasures. For the first time ever, the virus disruption will cause them all to line-snake around the perimeter of the store, through the glass sliding doors, and spill out into the parking lot.  If I had to guess, frustration shall be the operative word of the day/month. The most wonderful time of the year?

This month shall certainly be like no other as it pertains to the holiday season. We have already seen daily life changes in so many other ways due to this Corona thing, but have we truly considered the impact it will have on this wonderfully joyous time? It will be deeply transformative. Yup, it’s certainly going to be a real experience  in many ways. Better take some extra pictures – just in case.

Kids will not visit Chris Kringle in the traditional sense. Phrases such as “please speak up loudly through the plexiglass so he can hear your requests” or “Santa isn’t taking wishes in person this year, send him an e-mail”, will become the new semi-norm. A long-awaited trip to see the big guy, just won’t be the same. The magic is tainted, no matter how much hopeful parents try to create a special forever moment this December. When you have a child with virtually zero immune system, there certainly is no traditional picture with the Fat Elf forthcoming this year for us. We all  lose, but we are now reminded health is more important. Perhaps next year.

As families gather, dinner tables will be showcasing empty seats. The memory of lives lost due to this horrible mess we are in. For some, a chair marked by a single solitary red rose shall solemnly represent a loved one. It will act as a symbolic placeholder to a remembered spirit now free from pain. They still can live forever in our hearts regardless, right?

Empty rooms and splintered families will be the new way of things,  due to risk tolerances. The chance of this virus arriving from a house guest and then remaining inside throughout the weeks simply is not worth the gamble. Even at Christmas time. Some of us will even select, or will be forced, to reflect and celebrate all alone this year because of it.

Predicability must not cease. We can adapt and take control. Sure, it may be a different time of year in numerous ways. But still, go forth and play your favorite holiday music. Sing your best songs, decorate your trees, or light your menorahs. Gather in the living room when appropriate, and experience all of the things you are fully capable of realizing. Still celebrate family and long-standing traditions while also remaining nimble enough to pivot. Force some good  to still come from all of this by creating as many new memories as necessary. Therein lies your holiday magic. Find it.

On December 24, let’s all hope the masses are thinking alike. Instead of leaving cookies and milk for the Clause-man, it may be more prudent to opt for hand sanitizer, a temperature scanning thermometer, paper towels to wipe down the gifts, and a clean facemask. He visits an awful lot of houses. We just cannot take any chances.

Pray for next year, and for each other. We will most assuredly overcome. This is still a joyous time, regardless of how unique it may be. Thirty-one days and nights, for faith, and believing in the impossible, to still have a chance. Allow them to respond and transform your wishes.

The Covid Cloud  shall cover us all for a bit longer. But I also like to think the phrase “peace on earth” still holds special meaning regardless of our current circumstances. It seems, as we prepare to light our Kandles, the bright yellow and orange flickering glow from them may represent so much during this winter solstice than ever before. It is incumbent for each of us to believe in the magic of Hope  around Christmas… particularly now.

As for me, I’m off now to watch RUDOLPH with my little guy. Like we always have.



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  1. Aric H. Morrison
    Aric H. Morrison says:

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  2. Elaine Smith
    Elaine Smith says:

    Aric you have written of hope in a time of adversity. Changes we can adapt to, different ways of celebrating the holidays but we can celebrate. Thank you for sharing a bright light during these stressful times. We remember loved ones who started traditions we still celebrate. The beauty of the rose and the soft glow of candlelight help us remember.
    On with the holidays dancing to a different tune!

  3. Susan H.
    Susan H. says:

    Aric. Thank you for sharing this with us. This one makes a lot of sense to me. Lots of people have a rough time this year. We should all give thanks and remember.

  4. Karen Fedler
    Karen Fedler says:

    Thanks for the reminder here Aric H Morrison. This is so beautiful. I wish I had seen this during the holiday season but you may bet I will watch for the next one and the next one now. I love your writing style and your words.


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