Mirror Mirror

It is a cool Sunday morning here in the woods this Labor Day weekend. The fire crackles randomly to my right, a stack of clean laundry rests to my left as I ponder this upcoming week. I am unsure why these next few days are on my mind, but they are. In the past, the concept of stepping out of our comfort zones was something already written about in these blogs. You would think I might have reread that one before worrying so much.

In a few days, I am less concerned about placing myself in some unfamiliar space but much more preoccupied with how others perceive me when I do. It should not be this way, but predicably it shall be. Unfortunately, it also is the cause for me to pause and consider just why I should care about how others feel about my endeavors. Many will judge me; it is a certainty. It is what we do as human beings; we find a reason to disagree with the personal choices made by others. Almost as if there is one master grand invisible rule we are all supposed to follow for normalcy. Thankfully for us all, there isn’t. Yet, we act and hold other people to believing there is one.

Instead of just living our lives to the fullest and experiencing all of the wonders it presents to us in terms of sights, feelings, emotions, experiences, and lessons; we waste time missing out on many of these opportunities because we find fault, we pass judgment, and we compare. As we do this, precious energy is expended negatively instead of being at peace in our own spaces. For every action, there is a sacrifice. For every negative energy expended, a positive one has gone to waste.  In this case, remarkably, we elect to miss out  rather than allow our own identities to breathe and seek new happiness’s found at the end of these exploratory rainbows.

As the Covid death toll continues to wreak havoc on our world, our good fortune to remain on this earth seems to be underscored just a bit more right now. Yet, we waste moments formulating opinions towards others anyway.  Opinions formulated which contrast with our own. In the instant of an eyelash, we sum each other up based upon appearances, actions, choices, or lifestyles. People are shunned, trolled, heckled, ghosted, and dismissed instead of embracing our differences and celebrating them continuously.

What an absolute waste of time.

Social media has allowed us to become a judgmental society. One whereby we are afforded the ability to spend countless hours “spying” on the behaviors and actions of others in the comforts of our own secure and not so perfect  homes. We shake our heads in disgust, dismay, confusion, and contemplation towards the decisions made by family, friends, acquaintances, and even perfect strangers because they differ from our own convoluted perception of how things are meant  to be.

For every hour spent doing so, we bargain with ourselves. Is it more important to consider how much we differ, rather than offering praise towards someone who possesses the desire to simply live their life on the terms they see fit? We get one chance here on this earth. Why waste another moment formulating hidden opinions when there is so much more to enjoy in the short time we are blessed to be here.

Each day we too embark on our own journey knowing fully we are prone to be judged. Simply because we choose to take a different approach to the norm, we open ourselves up for scrutiny instead of recognition. Praise well-deserved from others for being courageous enough to be different from the rest. It is often never given or received, as negativity towards others rules the day with frequency. What a shame we cannot live our own version of what we believe our own gift is supposed to reap for us.

Wouldn’t it be nice to experience a bit more, love a bit more, share a bit more, and celebrate a bit more? Look in the mirror and consider the two versions of yourself staring back. There should only be one reflection. Perhaps it is time to illicit some changes within. Real positive changes, where our views become less important, and our differences take on an entirely new envious juxtaposition. It is never too late to change. The question…who is willing to do so?

For now, I will face the new week with my figurative coat of armor placed carefully in the backseat of my car. Unfortunately, I may need it. In fact, I am sure I will need it.

A brightly colored shirt after Labor Day? Heavens no, what would the people think.



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  2. Anne Jalbert
    Anne Jalbert says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice to look in the mirror and love one’s self a bit more, judge and grade ourselves more kindly? As I was reading this I felt the judgement and “grading” starts at home, inside our own minds – we should love ourselves, be accepting of ourselves, AND others more

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