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As the previous year graciously waved goodbye to us all, a new one has already opened up the door for various positive changes within our lives to become possible. One only needs to gently give it a push to discover it isn’t too difficult to swing wide open and welcome you in full.

Like so many other people, I have set my sights on making some big changes in 2021.  I was thinking recently about how nice it was to forget about yesterday’s turmoil while at the same time optimistically venturing ahead into the possibility of a new today. Then, as I so often do… I began to reflect.

We can recall the time not so long ago when disruption was forced upon us like a freight train running off the secure tracks of predictability. Doing so without a schedule while quickly ripping a new destructive path of chaos into the barren tundra of familiarity beneath. It raced around the globe at a million miles an hour without showing any signs of slowing down.

If you look back upon those earlier days of change from last year, it was as if the world was unraveling before our eyes. Each day resonated loudly via media outlets how unprepared and unwilling our family, friends, and neighbors were. Refusing graciously to accept being served a sudden heaping helping of confusion, loss, and depressed human angst. The unrelenting madness kept on striking, ready or not.

Venturing back in my head, I’m not entirely sure when it happened, but eventually, each of us sharpened our learning pencils and adaptive writing pens and went back to school again. Collectively we answered the bell and sat together in class. We had no other choice but to do so. Imagine that, after all these years.

Society learned what it truly meant to face adversity in a form never realized in our lifetime. In most instances, it was not easy having to look into a shattered mirror of uncertainty every day while hesitantly seeking answers, never returned. Over time and ever so slowly, we then adapted gradually.

Month after month, we stood in modified lines while virtually hiding our identities behind creatively designed masked faces. With on-going persistence, we washed, scrubbed, squirted, and obsessed. We persevered through our toughest days and then reconciled within to do it all over again the next morning.

As a race, we cautiously forged ahead into the unknown. Day after day, we placed our faith into a team of collective minds. They offered practical assurances and, in turn, some semblance of modified hope  for brighter days ahead. We listened and took direction well. Eventually, we even made it through; as best as any of us could. Collectively we breathed a sigh while celebrating the ball dropping on Jan 1.

Looking back now, as we round this Covid cycle annually for the first time, many positive learning markers have also become apparent if one only takes the time to consider them. (Many people still don’t believe it or choose to accept it, but it’s a fact.)

Society at large has adjusted and recalibrated. By doing so, at some point too, we realized too just how much fortitude each of us possesses hidden deep within our being. It only needed to be coaxed out a bit.

None of us are immune to adversities in life. But regardless of what the challenge is, each always arrives with a lesson. Respectively, it remains blurred like a hidden meaning subtly planted within an ancient rhyme. It may take a bit of effort to decipher, but there is always a series of profound observations deep below the surface just waiting to be unearthed.

None of us should portend to know about the teachings of tomorrow either. We must exist in the present. And for many reasons, it feels pretty damn good to do so. This new inner version of ourselves’ is poised, determined, and ready for greatness this year. It would help if you believed it to be true. If not, the next twelve months may look eerily familiar.

When change is directionally thrust without any advanced preparation, it simply won’t ever be comfortable, and for the past twelve months, it hasn’t been. But my point here is to illustrate in a fateful sort of way we are all stronger because of these recent experiences and subsequent key learnings. You may elect to dismiss my words here or consider them. The choice is yours.

Later, try sitting down with a glass of liquid comfort and introduce yourself to a bit of self-reflection and contemplation. You may be amazed to hear words being offered back by a very confident and motivated person there within.

School is no longer in session; you graduated.

Plan a party.



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  2. Sara Timmons
    Sara Timmons says:

    I am loving this site and your blogs Aric H ! I just followed you on Instagram too. Thank you for what you do. S.T.

  3. Jeffrey Neil
    Jeffrey Neil says:

    Nice job on this one Aric. This is exactly what people need to hear and read. I agree and think we are moving ahead in a positive direction after much learning. Love the book btw. JNA.

    • Aric H. Morrison
      Aric H. Morrison says:

      Thanks so much, Jeff. I sincerely appreciate the feedback on my book. I worked very hard on it. The greatest source of positive feedback is to hear directly from my readers and followers, so THANK YOU for that…


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