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Spring is in the air. Last night as I drove home listening to the first Red Sox game of the season on the radio, I couldn’t resist considering what lay ahead this summer. Will it be another of tempered enthusiasm due to Covid, or perhaps a lively on-going social affair with friends and family gathered around while music sets the backdrop perfectly. For sure, it is certainly time to get back out there and live a little. And therein is an opportunity to venture out beyond your predictable daily horizon  right now too.

If you consider where you are presently in your own personal growth space, does contentment rule the day or are you anxious to mind-explore? I arrived at this same contemplation about six months ago. Things were getting just a tad routine. Having always tried vigorously to take on more than I should for some reason, the guarded version of myself had become slightly discontent by a lack of opportunity to jump forth into the frigid waters of the unknown. I typically enjoy being more uncomfortable than comfortable, remaining there by design. It is where my source of enrichment thrives, constantly undertaking something new and different to challenge myself. Lately, it hasn’t been easy, but I’ve managed to do it. Others need to do so as well.

In many ways, society has become almost eerily comfortable right now within its own restrictive bubbles. We have cocooned a bit too much due to Covid, in order to remain safe. Each day tends to look like the next, and so it goes. We sleepwalk through regularity and mediocrity without caring in the least. We don’t want to get sick. Life learning as we know it has been placed on hold without any consideration.

Figuratively, too many pairs of experiential wings retracted quickly over a year ago, and have been allowed to remain as such. Today they gather dust and are in need of a thorough and drastic refresh. Unfortunately, as a result of the last four quarters of being in isolation, we have inherently become insulated from experiencing any new degrees of personal growth. Tragically, it has almost become too easy to sit and wait for tomorrow rather than take hold of today as we used to.

Regretfully I fear this cycle has become acceptable and allowed to become the new norm. The risks of personal stagnation have become more prominent now than ever before. This radical cycle needs to be interrupted very quickly. It must not be allowed to permeate much longer at the expense of experience.

It is time to get back out there and queasily feel a little unsure of yourself once again, just as you did in the good ‘ole days. Time to seek a completely unfamiliar new landscape with which to explore fervently while listening to your favorite song. Time to try and do something so out of character, even your very best friend may raise an eyebrow. Do it with a smile and headshake.

If you spend all of your days standing on one side of the bridge staring at the other side and wondering, how are you any better off? Sometimes too we need to venture forth into new and different territories. Could it be the right time as well, to finally cross that damn bridge and see what is on the other side after staring at it forever and a day curiously wondering what might be over there?

Spring thaw provides us the opportunity to begin anew. Why not kick forcefully, and swing open a few ambiguous doors and proceed triumphantly through them. Some may be nothing more than a threshold to an empty room. All perfectly fine. Remember too, it only takes one door to contain something brilliant.

Unleash upon yourself a new untapped avenue of life growth. Set your sights high and contemplate some radical unfamiliar adventure in the very near future. Force yourself to be gloriously miserable for a period of time. If only to come out on the other side a stronger person.

Perhaps this season should be the perfect opportunity to step away from the warming glows of protected content, and closer towards the scorchingly brilliant spotlight shining down on butterfly-rousing uncertainty.

Possibly this spring you will flourish and drift into a new direction, perhaps not. Either way, it is always better to keep moving forward rather than standing still. When did it become acceptable to stop pushing oneself for more out of life anyway. Take charge, set your new course.

Remove your hands out from your pockets. Grip the door-knob, venture across the bridge, explore the unknown, dust off those wings. It is time.

Walk, run, skip, jump, or bound forth triumphantly into the new light.

Oh, it’s time…



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  1. Aric H. Morrison
    Aric H. Morrison says:

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  2. Richard Smith
    Richard Smith says:

    This reminded me of aging as I will be 80 this year. Slowing down, I can play the old age card to have an excuse for what I can do but don’t want to! After reading the post I thought of 2 or my mentors, Posie Mansfield, a person who lost her leg due to a hospital infection. She is 71 and made a whole new life once she had her leg amputated several years ago. She water skis, snow skis, participate in surfing, and has done sky diving. I met her at Eastern Adaptive Sports, where I volunteered doing photography and video, which does water skiing and cycling for those with a disability. Geoff Krill, who is paraplegic due to a snowboarding accident, is the president of EAS. He is a trained snow ski disability instructor and does cycling as well. Both have a positive attitude and never let circumstances get them down. We met them for lunch 2 years ago before the coronavirus hit. I remember them saying; “we always push forward in life, establishing new goals. Once we accomplish one, we set another to accomplish.” Having had surgery a few years ago and secondary complications from prostate cancer, I had a pity party. However, seeing what Posie and Geoff went through, I have no complaints and reestablished my life goals. Aric used a bridge as a metaphor wondering if some one should cross it to get out of the rut of the coronavirus. He encouraged people to cross the bridge even though there will be set backs. It inspired me to push forward in life and not use the old age card to make excuses.

    • Aric H. Morrison
      Aric H. Morrison says:

      Thanks for the comments, Richard. I am glad this blog resonated with you. And your story here is a breath of fresh air to hear you speak about so much in such a candid manner. Thanks for reading and following my work!

  3. Martha
    Martha says:

    What you are doing is amazing. I have to tell you I enjoy your writing so very much. Keep it up. I find myself checking the date to see when the next blog is coming. Your way with words has me feeling them deep inside. Hope to see you speak in the future too and meet you.

    • Aric H. Morrison
      Aric H. Morrison says:

      Oh, you are just too kind Martha. It is my pleasure to be able to post these blogs for all of you. I get as much from writing them as I do sharing them knowing they may be of some small help in this world. I hope to be back on stage again soon! Stay positive.

  4. Tracy Middelton
    Tracy Middelton says:

    Hello Aric. I saw on Facebook you mentioned this blog the other day. I was so glad to find you and connect. Your writing is incredible. I cannot imagine how much time you place aside to make these blogs. We ordered the book just now too. Can’t wait to read it. Happy to be a new subscriber to your blogs. Going to read the other ones this morning.

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